With this webpage i hope to connect the ancient and the modern.

What is intelligence and how do we measure it.

Intelligence can be quantised into 3 seperate levels

IQ Intelligence Qoucient { The analitic brain}

Devellopping Technology

EQ Emotional Qoucient { The feeling Hart}

Devellopping Compassion

S I Q Spiritual Qoucient

Devellopping Cosmic consiousness

At this moment in time we are devollopping more from the EQ intelligence towards the SIQ intelligence.

Unfortunately there ar many people who are stuck in the IQ level, they have to develop their EQ and they have less SIQ.

Complete development of the SIQ means that we will be able to see what is, and not what we want to see ore believe to see.

Also we will be able to be aware of all the other lifeforms in the universe, and teach them about IQ - EQ and SIQ.

When an extraterrestrial race owns technology, it does not mean that they have developped the EQ. ( you can hear that from the stories from abductees by the Grey aliens)

Timetravel tapes The moment we started to fool around with timetravel, we make a mess of everything. Time is a dimension and can be manipulated, only somehow we have broken the timebariers and so these strange “mysteries “appear on the net. Dinosours Timerips

Strange creatures