HAARP is an ionospheric heater, De verschillende HAARP-installaties wereldwijd beschikken allemaal over eigen energiecentrales die ervoor zorgen dat het lokale elektriciteitsnet niet plat gaat wanneer de installatie in actie is. Bron: NFC Whistleblowers.

HAARP is an ionospheric heater, The Different global HAARP-installations have their own energierecources that prevent lokal electricity networks from going offline, if the HAARP installation is actiff source: NFC Whistleblowers.

Haarp and strange sounds all over the world.


Holland http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-pKLgxpAhI


Test of acoustic use of the ionoshere with Haarp for the HeavenlyChoir.



*17 aug 2014 As i studied the internet i came across many youtube films with strange sounds coming from the sky.As a musician i also regognised in some youtube movies that there where electric keyboard sounds ore some sounds that seems to reflect human opera.

Of course the complete atmosphere can be used as a giant sound resonator/amplifier, and if you use HAARP to amplify and reflect sound to a specific point, than you can reproduce sound on a global scale.

It is said in some youtube movies that it looks like the 7 trumpets from the bible, i think that the bible prophecies are used to let us believe that it is the endday's and that god himself will decent from the sky. Only it is all about technology of HAARP, to controll the minds of mankind into believing so strongly that it is the endday's, that no'one questions it, welll almost no 1.

7 maart 2015 Hrp Active i noticed this morning that it was unusual crowded at 0600, and 8.30 in the morning.

Rain falls in a circulair pattern 15 jan 2015

31 okt 2014

Haarp active minimal 27 okt 2014 from 1900 hours evening,

28th 29th 30th mild, and 31st okt 2014 Strong.

26 aug 2014 Haarp, 27 Aug HRP ending....6 sept Hrp..7 Sept end..

17 Sept, 18 sept, 19 sept, 20 sept Hrp end...27 sept, 28 sept Hrp.

25 aug 2014

25 aug 2014

2 juli 2014 haar building up, 3 juli 2014 Haarp, and clouds dissapearing.

Haarpday's 17 - 18 - 19 Juli 2014

What is the purpose of all this silent ( ore secret ) atmospheric engeneering. I think i can explain what the future goal is. More information follows.

The purpose of all those crises popping up the last time ( MH 17,, Ebola, ISIS , and of course the Israeli Conflict ) is to distract the public from seeing what is really going on. It is designed that way by a small group of people to finally impose the New World Orwell,, ore the global prison order. GPO.

New features 29 th of june 2014 where the rain seems to follow certain lines, and don't move at all, but stay on that pattern.

Haarp in a new stage of devellopment, some new active European grid

You can see that the HAARP line's are blocking the cloudformation, and a center cloud is stationairy above Bruxelles.

The center of these lines is somewhere above St Petersburg in Russia.

I confirmed my calculations today 17 august 2014 when i saw a map on youtube displaying that in that region of my calculations there is a HAARP installation !.

15th start 16th 17th at the 17th of May there was fog in the morning.

and 18th 19th 20th of may. 2014

5th may 2014.Ozone column buiilding up.

Haarp active from about 12.. o clock.

April 23-2014 Ring of Haarp return ? on Radar.

Fog in the morning of April 23rd

Fog in the evening is to be expected.

Haarp was active till April 24th 01.00 hours.

23 April 2014 . there is a current of extra static energy, i get static shocks,

from different electronic objects, i feel a current of static energy.

( can also be an irritating feel if you don't know what it is )

Fog on march 30, till april 2nd.

Haarp still active on april 2nd 2014 till about 12 o clock.

Haarp active from march 28th till April 2nd 2014

If anyone has a good explanation for these wheather pattrerns, that keep occurring with these rings, and the extra electric current ( static ore not ) that i am feeling other than HAARP......?

Strato Engeneering 30 march 2014 And fog in the morning Pics follow.

<<< This was the picture all day. ( radar return )

29th march2014

29 March 2014 HAARP Active from about 1600 Hours.. till 23 00 hours..

Why do i have the opinion that HAARP was active? Well,...It was unusual busy on the roads, at 06, o clock in the morning, and the whole day it was unusual busy.Also i felt irritated, very iritated, about 18 on the scale of 1 to 10. ( the whole day throug )

And on the wheather KNMI the radar pic show's this, and the Ozone, Monitoring Instrument showed this.

Vrijday 28th of March. 2014 Most people are unaware and go with the extra energy that is radiated from the HAARP frequencies. I feel irritation

It is a pattern wich i have observed many time's from 2005., More on this from the past, will follow.