Lezing Michael Tellinger | 20 mrt Groningen | Lost Civilisations of Southern Africa – Advanced Technology of the Ancients

Before the 15th of March 2014, i had never heard of Michael Tellinger, ore his thought's about the ancient civilisations.!

Michael Tellinger is asking himself questions about the origins of human kind, who are we where are we coming from why are we here, etc. He's connecting the dot's between different aerea,s like: religion, science, archeology, and opening new doors in understanding our history.

He has written several books, including “Ubuntu”,” Temples of the African gods”, and “Slave spiecies of god”.

First he discoverd giant foorprints in granite, and also he pointed out that the erosion on the hardest stones of stonehenge, that had fallen off could not have eroded that far within a few hunderd ore thousand years. It would take about a million years to get that kind of erosion.

The ancient site's are much older than we think.

The sacred power of sound.

In Christianity we know “ the word” wich equals the 6 day's of creation, in Hinduism it is “OHM” In Egypt, it is “ the song” and the Aboriginals know the 3 songs.

All are connected with creation. The pineal gland ore 3rd eye, also known as horus eye, is known as a receptor of frequencies ( sound and light )...Sound is 3 demensional, sound causes electromagnetic effects, and certain frequencies have also healing powers. ( according to dr Luc Montagnier, the resonance of the frequency of 7 HZ, give's spontanuasly regeneration of DNA.).Sound = free energy, and sound can also converge into hypersound. Ancient civilisations understood the nature of sound, with acoustic levitation techniques.

Nicola Tesla had a remark about this, he said that” the Earth rings like a bell”.

Also Michael had some movie's where he demonstrated the sound that certain stone's create, and the stone's sounded indeed like some kind of bell, ore a Tibetan sound bowl.

Also Ed Leedskalnin, who build coral castle, had knowledge on how to use sound and frequencies to move huge and heavy bloks of coral.

The story goes, that 2 children saw Ed movin the blocks with two cone shaped things, ( like icecone,s).

Those kind of cone shaped objects were found around many of the ancient site's. Even in Sumerian time's this technicque was known and used, ( its a technique unknown to today's scientists )

Marcel Messing at the 2012 Frontier symposium

Speaks about the LULU ore slave worker been created by the Nephilim comonly known as “the gods”

The Elohim, ore Annunaki, ore the Pahtahl, Nephilim, whatever name they had, comonly known as” the GODS”.

The gods needed gold, not in the form we know today, but in the form of white powder, ( monogold? Ore atomic gold? ) anyway, it is a white powder with many different qualities, if you heat the powder beyond certain degrees it seems to vanish into thin air, and if you cooled it, than the powder apeared again. Also according to several people this powder was used as a shield in the atmosphere.... anyway, the gods needed that gold, but the gods themselves were kind of lazy, and didn't want to do the hardship work, so they decided to create a slaverace ore slaveworker ( LULU ) to do the work for them in the abzu, and to dig for the gold * [ this is part of ancient text from Sumerian claytablets, Marcel Messing spoke about this topic too].

From the Sumerian kings lists we know that there were 8 kings spanning a timeframe of about 222.600 years... this means these kings were not human.

These “gods” ruled with fearceful weapons. { part of ancient sumerian text} “After the kingship decended from heaven, [ore rulers on Earth that were pointed by the gods], than the flood came”, meaning the big flood, there are fossilised reamains of fish and seacreature's on the stoneruins, the same has been found in Egypt where fossilised seacreature's are found on top of huge structures. Discovered by Antoine Gigal }

Where did one particulair god name'd “ENKI”, live.

According to Michael it was the “Great Zimbabwe” , wich is also a long time mystery, that place is like the “ancient” Whitehouse on the hill.

The stoneruins in Africa are uncountable, in 1994 Roger Summers estimated about 20.000 stone ruins, 2007 M Tellinger estimated about 100.000, but with the help of google Earth the estimate was over 10 miljion stone ruins. This created a huge problem with the idea of a scarcely populated area in that period.

More from my note,s i took will follow soon...

In addition to his findings, my thoughts about these ancient ruins.

Michael had a most interesting discovery in his field. These were ( according to today's scientists ) supposed te be area's for cattle, ore cattle kraal, with no entrance at all. He made it clear that sound and resonance was used by these ancient people.( Annunaki) In South Africa he found more than 100.000 and eventually counted over 10 million of these stone ruins that are shaped according to the specific sound-frequency they emit. He concluded that people had builded the stonewalls, and that it would give a huge problem with the population density from that time.

I differ from that view, and i think that his theory is right, but a slightly different vision is coming up in my mind, i think that the soundfrequency that these sites emit,s are aftereffects, from some sort of huge resonator.

Suppose that this object is a giant resonator,(the form is incorrect) that resonate's with a certain frequency, and with enough decibels that it liquify's the ground. Such a resonator will not have only effects on the ground just beneath the resonator, but also effects on the surroundings

Form wich could have been the form of the huge object that hovered above the site.

After the resonator stoped, the ground froze in it's current form, leaving a print ( as a hole it give's a print of the entire structure that hovered above the Earth, and the round circle of stone's give's the position of where the center of the resonator was. The entire object left a huge mark in the surroundings. ( just like the big footprint, in the granite, but this footprint is even bigger.)...Also the frequency of the resonator will be frozen inside the Earth, and according to my idea, that's why those places still resonant today.

Picture from Pulse issue no 1 summer 2013

If you wonder how the big walls came there, i think that the walls were created by the resonance, Michael showed us a picture of a wall, and what struck me was that the stone's were the wall was made of, were all about the same, with other words, the frequency of the stone's were the same.

I don't think that the wall was built by man, but that the frequency of the resonator, made that certain stone's crawled on top of eachother.

For many people this is hard to believe, but in small experiments i did with soundfrequencies, i saw sand do the most crazy things.

Thoug my experiments were on a very small scale, i think it is possible if the resonator is big enough, that stones can be lifted up, ore do things wich seems to defy the laws of gravity. Also as this sound resonant frequequency, was used by these ancient one's than there is no problem with the population density at that time.

Some experimental picture's of sand and water, below.